SPM 1.4: integration of an image processing error detection and ejecting system PA-machines: S7-connected and button operated door locking system


SPM 1.4: installation and commissioning of our first R&D rotary punching and packaging machine in Australia; converting of individually packed Oral Dissolvable Film Strips and Transdermal Patches


HMI-panel: use of a pivoting arm for maximum comfortable machine operation MBCD 1.3-4.1: upgrading from our MC Card to a PLC; upgrading to friction shafts for even more precise winding processes


Interactive user manual: patented; user manual of production machine on a tablet app


Multi-channel coating knife: successfully developed and tested in production; for simultaneous coating of two different coatings in one operation


MBCD 1.3-4.1: installed and commissioned at biggest generic pharmaceutical company in the world


World patent for Optimags Oral Dissolvable Film Strip solution: obtained MBCD 1.3-2.2: expansion of our MBCD product family; pilot scale coating machine with two dryer zones arranged in a linear way PA-machines: extension of our production machines by an auto-sampling unit for inline quality control PA-machines: extension of our production machines by an oil-coating station


MBCD 1.3-4.1: Installation and Commissioning of the first hybrid coating machine to an academic facility in Boston, MA, USA NIR dry thickness measuring system: Facelift of the measurement system; ultra-precise traverse for continuous web profiling thickness measurements


PA 1200-22m: Installation and commissioning of the largest production machine to date; supplied to a major customer in China MBCD 1.3-3.1: Development and supply of a pilot scale machine with two drying zones (arranged in a u-shaped manner)


SPM 1.3: development and supply of intermittent converting machine to India


Successful development and integration of the DIG100-measurement system: measures wet thickness in our production machines


Optimags projects a production facility in Asia: multiple coating line for Transdermal Patches and Oral dissolvable Film Strips


Optimags coating machines far undercut the US FDA uniformity dosage rate requirements for Transdermal Patches and Oral Dissolvable Film Strips


Optimags GmbH supplies the pharmaceutical industry with know-how licences and coating machines for Transdermal Patches and Oral dissolvable Film Strips


Modification of the coating machines: Production of Transdermal Patches and Oral Dissolvable Film Strips in one single machine


Completion of Hexal Facility; Optimags Dr. Zimmermann GmbH starts delivering machines and equipment for the production of Transdermal Patches worldwide


Contract erection of a single line Transdermal Patch facility at Hexal, Miesbach, Germany


Introduction a traversing IR sensor to measure clear coatings with subnanometer precision; measurement system used for ultra-precise coatings


Installation of the first devices of this type in precision vacuum coating machines for SMD capacitor foils


Introduction of an ultraprecise fiberoptical coating control system into videotape production


Introduction of a novel, fiberoptical coating thickness sensor into the BASF coating machines, permitting thickness resolutions of better 10 nm