Digital Coating System

We are proud to present this unique Digital Coater for our pilot scale coating machines. It revolutionizes the coating process on our MBCD series by making it more sensitive to adjustments yet even more user-friendly!

Thanks to the ultra-precise digital measurement gauge, the user is now able to accurately measure the coating knife position to a resolution of 1µm, instead of fiddly reading the manual micromter screw scale. No prior knowledge of such reading is necessary.

Also this measurement will be shown in real-time on the easy-to-use digital display, which is incorporated in the HMI. It sends the data to the software automatically. For the first time, the user can now record and adjust the knife position with an absolute position measurement which is saving time and ensuring repeatable accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Clean design and waterproof housing
  • 1 µm resolution for highest product precision and thickness control
  • Large display for real-time values integrated in the HMI
  • Continuous logging of knife position within the 21CFR part 11 conform software

Good news for our customers:

This system is backwards compatible with older machines. As a result the digital coater can be retrofitted to almost any machine in the MBCD series.