Weighing with light

But you can’t do that… yes, we can!

When looking for a suitable scale to weigh individual ODF strips inline during a continuous packaging process, we found out that there is no such scale!

The OptiBalance provides a novel solution to a huge problem in ODF converting: Accurate, repeatable and fast measurement of single ODF strips! Due to their small size and very low weight, standard weigh cells cannot weigh ODF strips with both speed and accuracy. Optimags has solved this problem by using the power of Lasers!

True to our motto: We start up where others stop!

For use in our pilot scale SPM 1.4 Converting machine, this new technology opens the door to a huge range of possibilities.

For example: Combining this with our in-line printer. We are able to print actual ODF Strip weights on each individual pouch, so the Quality Control and the customers can know exactly the weight of each strip.

Key Features:

  • Strip Weight ≤ 80 mg: 1mg Checkweight Resolution
  • Strip Weight ≤ 200 mg: 5mg Checkweight Resolution
  • Individual ODF Strip weight measurement and logging, allows 100% product control
  • FDA conform clean design with polished stainless steel housing
  • Compact size, allowing seamless integration

We keep you up to date with the latest developments. Stay curious!