Edible Films doped with CBD

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We are proud to announce that the 2nd generation of CBD Edible Films (EDF) / Oral Dissolvable Films (ODF) is now ready. With a dosage of 10mg Cannabidiol (CBD). The advantages of this mouth-melting strip compared to the 1st generation: A higher dose of CBD and improved mechanical properties for easier intake. A batch of samples with freshly packed oral thin films is ready for demonstration.

As smoke-free medication, oral/sublingual drug delivery offers the advantage of greatly accelerated bioavailability and the first-pass effect is bypassed. Thus you have the same effect with lower dosages. These CBD Edible Films have a quick disintegration time to provide a fast onset of action.

Dimensions: 150µm thickness – 20 mm x 30 mm – 10mg CBD.

The dose can be controlled in 3 ways so that patients have different dosages available. (descending in the manufacturer’s expenditure)

  1. Increase area
  2. Increase film thickness
  3. Formulation adjustment

If you would like to learn more about our Oral Dissolvable Film (ODF) and how you can add it to your product line, simply contact us.