Hydrogel Eye Mask based on biopolymer

Today, we would like to introduce you a special kind of eye mask: Hydrogel eye mask. You can use it as easily as sheet mask, while the active content of the mask does not need to be attached to any carrier. We use biopolymer technology instead of ordinary mask paper. If you can’t imagine it, please let me introduce you to our new technology.

  • Biopolymer technology: Hydrogel Eye Mask, is based on biopolymer technology. With that, a variety of natural skin care ingredient can be added without any carrier. These nutrients can be made into very thin membrane by our technology. That is to say, it can be completely absorbed by your skin without any waste.
  • Environment friendly: We also pay attention to our environment by researching and developing. Biopolymers are made from plant materials which can be grown indefinitely. So that products with our technology can burden the environment as little as possible.
  • Pending patent: This technology has been submitted for patent application. Therefore, we look forward to its launch as much as you.
  • Fresh and nature: Moreover, the mask is not soaked in the nutrient solution. By comparison with traditional sheet mask, it can more effectively lock nutrients and keep them fresh. Therefore, especially suitable for natural organic skin care products. For using, at first, wet the skin under your eyes with water. Then, put the eye mask on with gentle massage to release the active ingredient. At last, close your eyes and enjoy your skin care process.

Optimags is constantly working on helping our customers to develop new products. We look forward to cooperating with you.